Summer School 2016 Workshop 3

Acoustic and statistical analysis of speech with Praat (Paul Boersma)

Paul Boersma is Professor of Phonetic Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. His research programme consists of figuring out, by computational modelling, how humans produce, comprehend, acquire and diachronically change their phonology and phonetics. He is also the main author of Praat, the world's most used computer program for speech research.

Day 1 of this workshop introduces Praat from a beginner's perspective, i.e. from the perspective of a beginner in Praat, not a beginner in phonetics, so some knowledge obtained in a first course of phonetics, for instance from Ladefoged's "Vowels and consonants", is assumed. You will probably learn something new even about phonetics on this day, though, so please don't skip it. You should bring your own laptop computer.

Day 2 discusses how you can work with corpora in Praat: making multiple measurements on your annotated data by using Praat scripts, running the right kinds of statistical analyses, and interfacing Praat with statistical software such as R.

On day 3 you are supposed to bring your own cases, which we will discuss on the fly. If you have data, we can look at them and propose lines of attack. If you have a research idea, we can look at it and propose an experiment design. You can also bring up any kind of technical question regarding Praat, statistics, and their interaction. You will probably learn helpful things from this day even if you don't present your own experiment or data, because of the many methodological issues that will be dealt with.

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