Summer School 2016 Workshop 2

Experimental approaches to the study of language (Sible Andringa)

This workshop is a hands-on introduction into designing powerful linguistic experiments. The goal of this workshop is to help you set up and conduct your own empirical research and to learn to read and critically evaluate scientific research. In the morning sessions, all aspects of scientific research will be covered: how may your research design help or hinder you in providing adequate answers to your research questions, how do you choose a method of observation/measurement (such as eye-tracking, lexical decision, etc.) and what exactly such methods measure, how can you exercise control over possibly intervening variables, and how do you report results. The afternoon sessions will allow you to practice designing experiments hands on, either through focused assignments or by developing your own research ideas into full blown experiments (or both). If you are planning an experimental study, then this workshop is for you. Participants should bring their own laptop computers.

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