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Descriptionvariationist sociolinguisticsKwd:1 Text:2
language variation & change, sociolinguistics, grammaticalization, discourse-pragmatic features
Discourse Analysis  Sociolinguistics  Text/Corpus Linguistics 
DescriptionInterfaces for historical sociolinguisticsKwd:1 Text:2
We are developing a toolkit for historical sociolinguistics that will enable researchers to interactively explore the social embedding of language use by combining texts, metadata and visualizations.
Historical Linguistics  Sociolinguistics  Text/Corpus Linguistics 
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DescriptionIndian EnglishKwd:1 Text:1
Variety of English used by Indians in India and its structure and distinctive features i.e. phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and sociolinguistics cum Sociology of English in India.
Sociolinguistics  Variety of English 
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DescriptionSpoken English and the BBCKwd:1 Text:0
The early BBC has had a major impact on spoken English. My research focuses on its Advisory Committee on Spoken English (1926-39) and its failed attempt to regulate English at large.
Historical Linguistics  Sociolinguistics 
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DescriptionPolitics, Discourse and the MediaKwd:1 Text:0
This research aims to evaluate the political discourse of the media from a new perspective based on textual and discourse analysis approaches in political science, linguistics, and the media.
Discourse Analysis  Pragmatics  Sociolinguistics 
DescriptionLanguage Change DatabaseKwd:1 Text:0
We are developing a user-updated, fully searchable online resource, which will provide access to the results of previous empirical research on English historical linguistics.
Historical Linguistics  Morphology  Phonology  Pragmatics  Semantics  Sociolinguistics  Syntax  Text/Corpus Linguistics 
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DescriptionReassessing language changeKwd:1 Text:0
Within this project, I am working on variation and change in derivational vs. inflectional productivity, as well as on methods for studying changes proceeding through lexical diffusion.
Historical Linguistics  Morphology  Sociolinguistics  Text/Corpus Linguistics 
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DescriptionPhD project: 'Stories of the Diaspora'Kwd:1 Text:0
Focusing on the sociolinguistic study of English in the Indian diaspora, my research explores language variation and change in narratives of first and second-generation Indian migrants to Australia.
Australian English  English in the Indian Diaspora  Indian English  Language Variation and Change  Sociolinguistics 
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DescriptionGrammatical change across the lifespanKwd:1 Text:0
Researching typological change and grammaticalization at the most basic level: that of the individual. Examining the division of labour between brain economy and socially driven change.
Cognitive Science  General Linguistics  Historical Linguistics  Sociolinguistics  Syntax 
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DescriptionNull Subjects in EnglishKwd:1 Text:0
Postdoc thesis focusing on 1st p. subjects in a soc. stratified corpus spoken English. Questions addressed include theoretical (null S lg.; priming) as well as practical issues (low input rate).
Corpus Linguistics  Morphosyntax  null subjects  Quantiative linguistics  Sociolinguistics 
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