ISLE mailing list

We have developed a new ISLE mailing list for members of the society. ISLE members may post messages to which will be of interest to other members.

The mailing list is updated automatically from membership details held on our website. If you wish to receive messages and are not yet a member, please join!

This is a moderated list, which means that you should be prepared for a delay before your message is forwarded.

Conference announcements can be posted on our website, where they will be visible to members and non-members alike.

Good practice and restrictions

  • We will not forward attachments. If you wish people to download material, please put documents on a website and include links in your message.
  • Messages should be kept brief and to the point. If people wish to read more you may include links to a website.
  • Naturally, members are responsible for the content of messages. Please confine postings to what in general you as a member would be content to receive. If you think the moderator has allowed inappropriate content through, just reply to

Targeted messages

Messages will be sent to all currently registered members unless otherwise requested.

  • For example, to send a message for student members only, please specify this in your subject line. Membership categories are Regular, Student, Postdoc and Emeritus.

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